Hey girls, back to school is here!!!
In our previous post we showed you outfits for B2S for fall.
This post will include the latest trends in fall/winter fashion, that are muslimah/hijabi appropriate!

This season their are a couple of trends we identified, that are worthy of following...

1.) Boyfriend jacket

First the boyfriend jacket, I know what your thinking “WHAT” thats not very hijab or muslimah, but it is, girls it is!!! The jackets are well structured, their not tight or form fitting, their loose and comfortable. If your having trouble calling them boyfriend jackets, call them your bros jacket.


2.) Plaid/Buffalo Prints
Spotted by everyone including celebs this fall.

3.) Long Shirts
There really a trend this year, all the stores are carrying them which is great finally a trend that works for us!


long shirts

Long Sweaters/Long Cardigans

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