"...When I was about 7 or 8 I asked my mother this question of why we cover, and to my surprise she responded with, "Let's go shopping". So we headed out to the mall and passed by a few stores, we went into Claire's and saw all the beaded jewelry and the fake crystals all lying around in piles in the store. Some people touched them, some people picked them up then put them back down, some people tried them on, and most of them were not even noticed. Then we went to a diamond store. There, we saw only a few select pieces of jewelry. Rare stones, hidden under glass containers. Sealed with the highest security systems. Kept protected from the hands of those who couldn't pay the price of handling them. My mother looked at me and said, "Which would you rather be?"
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Hey girls, back to school is here!!!
In our previous post we showed you outfits for B2S for fall.
This post will include the latest trends in fall/winter fashion, that are muslimah/hijabi appropriate!

This season their are a couple of trends we identified, that are worthy of following...

1.) Boyfriend jacket

First the boyfriend jacket, I know what your thinking “WHAT” thats not very hijab or muslimah, but it is, girls it is!!! The jackets are well structured, their not tight or form fitting, their loose and comfortable. If your having trouble calling them boyfriend jackets, call them your bros jacket.


2.) Plaid/Buffalo Prints
Spotted by everyone including celebs this fall.

3.) Long Shirts
There really a trend this year, all the stores are carrying them which is great finally a trend that works for us!


long shirts

Long Sweaters/Long Cardigans

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This summer the two of us, had the opportunity of attending our first “REAL” fashion show. An Islamic fashion line created by Hiba Dahir and Ayan Farah. Whose goal with their collection is “Reviving Islamic Elegance”.

At the time of Muslim Spain Islamic clothing was the fashionable thing to be wearing; even non Muslims would dress like Muslim teens. Our line is here to revive that sense of majesty and timeless elegance that is in Islam. We at L&K have done extensive research and have come up with a collection that is here to set trends and not follow them. Our designs are meant for everyday life from school to work, from running errands to an evening out.

The abaya often deemed the ‘little black dress’ for muslimahs is the concept for their line, transforming abaya’s from something simple to something practical, fashion forward and elegant. We were definitely impressed by the innovative designs the girls created and egger to purchase their abayas.

Below are pictures from their Fall 2009 collection of abayas... L&K

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