Celebs are loving the Maxi dress (that's what they are called just in case you didn't know) and
so are we!!

Reason's why we love them:

1.This look is perfect for those hot summer days when you don't feel like layering or wearing your black Abaya.

2.Take's only a couple seconds to put on, on those days when you accidentally sleep in and can't find something to wear.

3.They are Oh-so comfy.

4. They come in different colours and prints.

5.Always going to be in style for a Hijabi.

4.And last but not least they are HIJABI FRIENDLY!

So what's not to love about the Maxi dress <3.

Below are some Maxi Dresses we found and loved:

Product Information:
from left to right, Maxi dress from hollister, Suzy Shier, American eagle, Forever 21, Roots & Forever 21.

** Note:
All of these Maxi's are on sale, so enjoy shopaholics**